GROUP IN THE ROUNDI have been fortunate enough to teach communication skills in corporate settings, colleges and schools. One of my early books, The Clarity Factor, took me to London to teach senior managers at the Kent County Council, and my recent work has allowed me the rewarding opportunity to teach the sons and daughters of migrant workers at an adult school in Southern California.

I have also trained managers in large and small companies, and international students in business writing and filmmaking.

As with all my other efforts, achieving clarity and an understanding of the amazing power of communication is my primary focus.

Audience Listening To Presentation At Conference

For large and small businesses I offer what I refer to as “shorty” seminars – one hour overview presentations of my communication books – Us and Them? Bring in Frank, Dick and Jane, and The Clarity factor. My fees are negotiable, and typically include copies of the book under discussion.

If you feel I might be able to help unleash the power of clear communication in your company, by all means contact me. I can tell you more about myself and my work. Then, if you would like to, we’ll set up a shorty!